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Dental Sedation has a few names sleep dentistry, twilight treatment, IV sedation, and intravenous sedation. Dental sedation differs from General anesthetics in hospitals. 

Intravenous sedation makes lengthy or complex dental treatment more comfortable and easy for you. It can also help to relieve anxiety, stress, discomfort, memory, and awareness of the procedure. Most likely you will enjoy a relaxing sleep whilst you maintain your ability to breathe for yourself, maintain your own reflexes and the ability to respond to us if required. You will still receive a local anesthetic after you are sedated for the procedure. All your vital signs will be closely monitored by a fully qualified Sedationist, Dr. Yvonne Chow, with the help of monitoring equipment. Following the procedure, you will be given an appropriate recovery time in which you will be closely monitored as well. Written post-operative instructions will be given and explained to your carer for optimal recovery. 

We are equipped for intravenous sedation treatments, however, as with any anesthetic procedure, it is not without risk. Dr. Yvonne Chow does a full assessment with you before the day of treatment. 

Dr. Yvonne Chow.

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