Repair and Restore your Teeth

Composite resin fillings repair and restore your teeth

If your teeth have reached that time when repairs are necessary, you’re in need of some restorations or fillings. At The Dentist at 70 Pitt Street, we use composite resin for most of our fillings. This resin is placed directly into the tooth and sets immediately, so you can eat after your visit. We guarantee our resin fillings for five years.  

For peace of mind, choose longer-lasting, indirect fillings

Occasionally, we may advise you to have a filling made out of more durable materials, such as ceramic or gold. These indirect fillings (or ‘inlays’ or ‘onlays’) are made externally by a local laboratory. These types of fillings are completed in two visits, two to three weeks apart. Indirect fillings require less maintenance than resin fillings and last longer, so we guarantee them for 10 years.  

After the filling

Following treatment, your tooth may feel sensitive to things like pressure, cold air, sweet foods, or changes in temperature for a few days. If this persists, Let us know so the cause can be investigated.

When good fillings go bad

Constant wear and tear can cause fillings to wear, chip, or crack, opening the seal between the tooth and the filling, and allowing in food particles and decay-causing bacteria. However, if you’re seeing our team regularly, they’ll look after this before it becomes serious.

An array of filling materials

When a filling is required there is a variety of materials that can be used, all of which have unique properties and advantages. Some factors which influence the type of material to be used will be the type of tooth, the strength requirements, and the way your teeth bite together. Your dentist will give you advice on what is appropriate for your situation.

Amalgam is a durable material but requires more of the tooth to be removed, and it can blacken with age. While amalgam is increasingly giving way to tooth-colored filling materials such as resin, it is still in use, safe, and there is no need to replace your amalgam fillings just for the sake of it.

Composite resin
Composite resin is a commonly used white or tooth-coloured filling material. It can be “glued” to the surface of the tooth, and a matching tooth colour can be picked so that the filling is almost invisible. On the other hand, the composite resin material is more difficult to use, which makes the restoration a bit more expensive when compared with amalgam.

Glass-ionomer cement
Glass-Ionomer Cement (GIC) is also tooth coloured. However, it is not as durable and strong as composite resin; although it does bond well to the tooth and it has some decay-preventing abilities. Glass-ionomer cement is often used for the areas of the tooth where there is not much biting force, and also to fill baby teeth.

Gold & Porcelain
Gold fillings tend to be the most durable over the long-term. Ceramic fillings are both strong and able to be matched to your tooth colour to produce a very long-lasting and aesthetic filling. Both gold and porcelain fillings take longer to prepare and manufacture, meaning more appointments and more cost.

Temporary fillings
Short-term (‘temporary’) fillings may be used when multiple appointments on a tooth are required, including if there is insufficient time to complete the treatment in one visit or during emergency treatment.


Dr. Walsh and Dr. Carroll may restore your tooth with a crown rather than a filling. Usually made of gold or porcelain, they’re a customised tooth-shaped cover designed to protect the structure of the tooth. These are often used where a large filling needs to be replaced but where there’s not enough tooth left to support a filling.

Read and see how we take images of your teeth to assess them. 


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