Emergency Care

Don’t delay dental treatment any further

Emergency in dentistry usually means pain, swelling, or fracture. Don’t let these go undiagnosed, hoping they will get better on their own or taking multiple courses of antibiotics. Pain is a warning sign that your teeth or gums are in trouble or are suffering from a serious infection. Minor fractures can often be repaired quickly, but major ones may need to be treated urgently to avoid serious infections. 

What you need to know about a dental emergency

Dental problems are impossible to diagnose over the phone. We’d love to be able to completely restore every affected tooth to its original health and form in one visit. Most emergencies, however, are quite complex and may need more than one visit.
At The Dentist, we reserve special times for our patients who need emergency care. These brief appointments are meant to get you out of pain and to discuss your treatment options. Then we can schedule another appointment and allocate enough time for a more thorough treatment. 

Everybody and every tooth is different. We need to assess you and go over the risks and limitations of all the options available to you. Once you understand your options you will be able to make the right choice for you. If you have questions let us know, as the more you know the more control you will have over what you want to do. We encourage all our patients to seek a specialist opinion. We work alongside some of Sydney’s most skilled and caring specialists.

X-ray images may be essential

To help us with our diagnosis, we may ask you to have an X-ray image taken at our friendly local radiology lab before you come in. We may also need to take more X-ray images at our office. Please let our staff know if you may be pregnant at the time of booking and we’ll avoid using these tools at your appointment. 

Read and see how we take images of your teeth now.

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